Graphic Design

Effective graphic design helps your business attract, engage and deliver your message to your audience.

I offer a wide range of print services that will elevate your business above the competition and get your message across. These services include flyers, logos, brochures, maps, annual reports, invites, publications and billboards.

I take account of function, communication and aesethtics in producing designs that will connect you with your audience. I aim not only to make it look good but also to achieve your communication purpose.

I love to work with you to produce something that you love and gets you the desired results.

Sea star design will help your business to:

Attract customers

Using design principles like typography, colours and images will capture potential customers attention and keep them engaged to keep reading. 

be memorable

Creating visually appealing designs will make it more likely your potential customer will remember your brand and message.

Build Trust

Ensuring consistency in your brand image will project a positive, trustworthy image to your potential customer.

Communicate effectively

Presenting your message in a way that is easy to read and makes the content more interesting will help communicate your message.

Stand out

Creating higher visibily helps you gain an advantage over the competition. 

Whatever your communication needs are, I have the experience and expertise to help your business connect, communicate and stand out.